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A figure in a dress watering flowers at night.
£2,000 + VAT
£2,000 + VAT
A blue figure watering flowers in a garden under the starry night sky.
£2,000 + VAT
Woman watering the flowers at night.
£2,000 + VAT

Stars and Flowers

Dimensions in centimetres height59.5 × width80 cm / Dimensions in inches height23 ⅜ × width31 ½″
EV of 12
Woman watering the flowers at night.

The daisies seen at night in their full phosphorescence under the moon were as stars in my sister's kitchen garden. This woodcut, confucian in outlook, in that the figure of my sister acts as a nurturer in her garden, creates an image whose composition alludes to a loving connection with the environment sustaining an edenic form of life. – TH