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Shack by the sea.
£450 + VAT
£450 + VAT

Sea Shack

Dimensions in centimetres height27 × width34 cm / Dimensions in inches height10 ⅝ × width13 ⅜″
EV of 20
Medium mezzotint
Subject matter sea,  cabin,  shack
Shack by the sea.

Mezzotint is a very simple way of making a tonal image, dark to light. A plate, in this case copper, is given a roughened surface by a rocker. The textured metal holds ink. If the plate were to be inked up at this point, it would print a black image. A range of tones can be created by burnishing areas of the plate back to a smoother, more flattened surface with steel tools. In some areas of this print, a lot of ink has been left on the plate, while other parts are hand wiped, giving the image a painterly quality.