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Sea Grass

Dimensions in centimetres height155 × width123 cm / Dimensions in inches height61 ⅛ × width48 ⅜″
Medium oil on canvas
A figure standing in a blue sea looking towards land.

The painting Sea Grass 2022 came out of drawings on a trip in the summer of 2021 to my sisters house. We had just come out of lockdown and it felt incredible to be out and about and in company. In the course of my time with her, I noticed how her working day was spent in the garden, from breakfast to beyond dusk. Her garden, cut into the edge of a hill near Shaftsbury on the Dorset/Wiltshire border, while being edenic, requires a huge amount of time and physical effort to look so ravishingly natural where plants, flowers and vegetables all vie for attention in close proximity. But here in the painting she is knee high in the meadow orchard   above her vegetable garden.  The green carpet of  grasses while swaying in the wind brought the sea to mind, as if she was wading out into the ocean between the sand dunes of the beaches we used to visit during our childhood in Devonshire.- TH

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