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Silhouette of a figure in front of a lit up house at night.
£1,100 + VAT
Studio in the dark.
£1,100 + VAT

Night Studio etching

Dimensions in centimetres height41.5 × width49 cm / Dimensions in inches height16 ¾ × width19 ¼″
EV of 25
Medium etchings,  aquatint
Studio at night.

This image shows the dance of the creative process between the painting studio and the print studio. Invariably, when I ‘find'  and want to explore  a image, it is investigated and developed in more than one medium through the initial drawing, which is either kick started on the hoof as I record my surroundings in a pocket book, or made as a way of breaking down the flattened out surface of a photograph taken on my cell phone.

The etching shows an artist stepping out of her studio on a dark night. Plants not seen properly in the gloaming are triffid like and silhouetted in phosphorescent blues and greens. The studio window warm and welcoming in the etching, hinting that work is in the making, is nullified in the painting. I wanted to make a painting about the bravery of the artist somehow- that they have to conjure something out of nothing, often from the dark recesses of their subconscious. In Night Garden, she has nothing to go on but what she takes into the studio herself, while the world sleeps around her. - TH

Picture of a garden studio.

A photograph taken by the artist of Holly Young's studio near Thorpness which kick started this etching.