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Bird in a tree.
£2,000 + VAT
A bird sitting in a tree looking out over a dusty blue sky.
£2,000 + VAT
Bird in a Tree.
£2,000 + VAT

Lookout, Bird in a Tree

Dimensions in centimetres height91 × width60 cm / Dimensions in inches height35 ⅞ × width23 ⅝″
EV of 15
Subject matter tree,  bird
Bird in a Tree.

There is a paradox in Lookout Bird in a Tree where the onlooker can only imagine the view from the tree tops. It’s a very one way image that shuts us out of this aerial vantage point. Metaphorically it seems to increase our isolation because it is alluding to a very different experiential reality. The mechanics of this woodcut were very simple but incredibly time consuming, carving out foliage and branches took a couple of weeks in the studio. – TH

A bird in a tree.

Lookout brush and ink drawing