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£5,000 + VAT
Woman standing under a tree in a field..
£5,000 + VAT

Koodge in the Velvet Night

Dimensions in centimetres height101 × width120.5 cm / Dimensions in inches height39 ⅞ × width47 ½″
EV of 10
Woman standing under a tree in a field..

This woodcut plucked out of such darkness is initially reduced to a phosphorescent blur but spending longer with the image enables the pixilated flowers, leaves and contours of the trees and horizon to come into focus. Here the dark allows this artist to hint at the corporeal nature of our existence on earth. The cell like components of flowers and the compounds that brings life to our own bodies are seen as one. We are after all, all made up of star dust. The artist’s sister stands looking towards the silhouette of the hill in the distance. She acts as intercessor between the onlooker and the creation around her; almost like a renaissance panel painting of St Francis of Assisi feeding the Birds or John the Baptist in the Wilderness. – TH