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Rocket launching.
£5,000 + VAT
£5,000 + VAT
Rocket launching.
£5,000 + VAT

Journey to the Moon

Dimensions in centimetres height121 × width121 cm / Dimensions in inches height47 ⅝ × width47 ⅝″
EV of 16
SP of 2
Rocket launching.

This woodcut was made in four colour variations, yellow, Prussian blue, coral red and emerald green. How not to make a rocket phallic? Very difficult and all the hardware. I quite like the way it's a bit like an upside down can-can skirt…I tried here to use colour to create noise and to convey the madness of burning all that fossil goodness out of the earth to get a few tons of metal away from the grip our gravity. Looking at Cuban early 70's graphics and there is a tiny placard nailed to the rocket, journey sponsored by the European Space Agency - TH