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A colourful patterned space-ship and next to a giant full moon.
£3,500 + VAT
Moon and rocket.
£3,500 + VAT


Dimensions in centimetres height99 × width65 cm / Dimensions in inches height38 × width25 ″
EV of 16
PP of 8
Series Lunar Voyage
Moon and rocket.

A photograph of two wooden carving blocks.

Here are the two plates for the Lunar module in 'Fly-By' and 'Sky Atlas'; based on drawings of the interior of the shuttle rather than the Apollo mission module. We used laser cutters to create layers in relief and intaglio, so that the ink would sit both below and on top of the surfaces of the wood. This helped us to come to a very detailed rendition of the interior, all lit up like a Christmas tree. I wanted to create a cosy interior cabin all amongst that cold dark vacuum of space so that the protagonist holds on to some sort of vestiges of shelter and home. - TH