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Petrol station.
£4,500 + VAT
Petrol station.
£4,500 + VAT

Filling Station

Dimensions in centimetres height71 × width92 cm / Dimensions in inches height27 × width36 ¼″
EV of 10
PP of 2
Petrol station.

TH:This woodcut and painting started as a response to a night drive to Norfolk, with the glow of petrol stations lighting up the road at regular intervals on the journey. The neon colours of each branded garage seductively filled and lit up our cinematic windscreen. For those short seconds while passing each filling station, it felt like we were in a scene from Bladerunner. The image grew into more of a polemic on the nature of both our dependence on oil and the power of the multinational. Look! They even own the moon, the mother seems to be thinking as she looks up at the old 50's Exxon Mobil logo of Pegasus. I wanted the family, to be at one level quite detached from and dwarfed by the station, but also paying homage to it, gazing in awe like Dorothy and her friends when they first arrive at the Wizard of Oz's castle.

This is the last copy in the edition.